Friday, October 10, 2008

oppss sorry so busy bc..... :P haha

bc... iiii.... want.... play rockband!!!!!~~~~ :D haha

MIC!!!! ~~ =.= but no one want singing :P haha whatever~~~

this a ori rockband guitar :O whaoo~~ i like this!!!
i only like play guitar xD haha

this OEM guitar for rockband *just arrivel to day xD* haha

this also OEM Drum for rockband also arrivel to day :)
rockband ori games :) hahaha
sooo~~~~~:) haha "mars rockband team is come!!~~" xD haha
is show time xD hahaha ......... *just start play with penny*....
what!!!~~ =,= noo..electrik!!!
again =.= huuu~~~
*%$&^%#(*$ citymall i /hsf u!!!~~ =3=

*to day busy =.= next time i put team photo xD haha*


maslight said...

toyboy rockband at ur house? lessi go!!!!

IRTeA said...

I want play rockband! I like play drum! XD