Wednesday, October 8, 2008

haha my bigbig day :)

haha sorry becouse too late to post it
becouse i just take the photo xD haha

thanks again for all coming to my wedding :3 haha
eee... =.= who sign in my body xD haha

xD i like this photo *me look not far :x hohoho*

yes :) this my lau po :) leng le xD haha

\(^O^)/ hing dai!!!~~~ nyahahaha thanks :)
hou hing dai xD
*next time need hing dai dont forgot call me k :D haha*

:x not see anything at back k
:D hahaha *aiyaaa why hit me!!?*

photo with my sis and sis boyfriend :p haha

u see my mom so happy :) love u mom

all family group photo O.O whaooo~~~~ xD hahaha

look many leng lui with fat boy >.< ... boy??? xD haha
:D haha lao po me and ling meimei
so cute :3 i also so like this photo too xD ahahaha~~


maslight said...

waw toyman XD

toywifey very pretty XD

Pricilla said...

yeshhh, dai sou's very pretty *sawan*

no more boy,toyman :D

mr-penman said...

GRATZ Buddy!


2bad... I wasn't in town...